My Story

​My interest in computers started at the age of eight when my parents gifted me with a Commodore 64. I started writing basic code and from there I moved to educational games. I became fascinated with computer hardware and computer graphics. I taught myself desktop publishing and graphic design. This early exposure led me to choose an education and career path that blended my love for computers, technology, learning, and visual communication.

My educational journey took me from Spelman College, where my passion for writing led me to major in English, to the Buckeye state where I earned a Masters in Instructional Design and Technology from The Ohio State University. After graduate school, I put theory into practice as an instructional designer at Intel Corporation.

My adventurous spirit and thirst for knowledge impelled me to seek out job assignments that took me from the United States to international sites including Australia, China, England, France, India, Israel, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey.

After spending 10 years at Intel, exploring different roles and learning informally about online tools to promote information sharing, facilitate knowledge management, and foster team collaboration, I decided to pursue my doctorate. I was curious about how these online tools and new media technologies were impacting society. 

This accomplishment naturally led me to a career in higher education at Laureate Education, Inc. My strategic thinking, innovative designs, and ability to achieve results have contributed to numerous promotions, each adding more responsibilities from managing a team to managing a budget.