​One of my favorite quotes is "if you are not challenged, then you are not growing". I have taken these words to heart in my educational and professional journey.


​My interest in computers started at the age of eight when my parents gifted me with a Commodore 64. I started writing basic code and from there I moved to educational games. I became fascinated with computer hardware and computer graphics. I taught myself desktop publishing and graphic design. This early exposure led me to choose an education and career path that blended my love for computers, technology, learning, and visual communication.

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I begin each assignment with a mindset of collaboration and teamwork. We work together to identify business goals and needs, strategic direction and desired outcomes. My major phases of the project include analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Read about a real-life work experience that showcases collaboration and teamwork.


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I use various models, including the Human Performance Technology (HPT) model, to clearly identify root causes to help drive problem resolution. In addition, I am constantly looking for mechanisms to increase efficiencies, build community, create sustainable ways of doing business, and enhance teaching and learning.



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When approaching the learning experience, knowledge transfer, and learner success, I believe in using data to inform decisions and influence design. In addition to data, I am a firm believer in relying on the expertise of subject matter experts responsible for the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of teaching and learning. This combination helps set up an experience in which people are being educated in practical and meaningful ways.

An educator by nature, I have conducted workshops, written papers, and presented at conferences on a range of topics from conflict resolution to elearning. 



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Review my résumé(pdf) or LinkedIn profile to learn more about my work experiences and educational background.